What Is Dry Mouth / Xerostomia?
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Dry Mouth, known as


is defined as "abnormal dryness of the mouth resulting from decreased secretion of saliva"

What Are The Symptoms Of Dry Mouth?

Inflamed Lips
Frequent Thirst
Sticky Saliva
Inflamed Gums
Soreness In Throat
Dry, Red Tongue
Bad Breath
What Does Dry Mouth Feel Like?

What Are The Causes Of Dry Mouth?

Hundreds of prescription medications cause dry mouth as a side effect...

Certain conditions cause xerostomia as well, such as Sjögren's syndrome, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, HIV/AIDS & other illnesses.

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What Are The Long-Term Effects?

Gum Disease
Tooth Decay
Trouble Eating
Difficulty Speaking
Painful Tongue
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How Can I Treat Dry Mouth?

Healthy habits can help manage Xerostomia

Brush, floss & rinse twice a day
Avoid alcohol-based mouthwash
Quit smoking & reduce alcohol & caffeine
Chew sugar-free gum
Stay as hydrated as possible
Consume antioxidant-rich foods
Use antioxidant-rich oral care products
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