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What Is Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)?

Drugs Cause Dry Mouth

It sounds obvious…dry mouth is caused by a lack of saliva. Our mouths feel dry when we’re hot, thirsty or sometimes even when we’re nervous.

Occasional dry mouth is perfectly normal.

Prolonged, frequent (chronic) dry mouth is different.

In addition to being caused by external factors like disease, medication and other reasons beyond your control….

Severe dry mouth (known as Xerostomia) is often the cause of much more SERIOUS health problems.

To fully appreciate this critical fact, you first need to understand:

Why is saliva important?

Page_whatisdrymouth2Saliva lubricates and protects teeth and oral tissues from chemicals in the food and drinks you consume, tobacco (if you smoke or dip) and so on.

In addition to protecting teeth and oral tissues, saliva carries antioxidants (Urate or Uric Acid, Albumin and Ascorbate) which heal damage caused by free radicals and antimicrobials to fight infection.

Without the normal flow of saliva eating and talking become difficult and even painful. Your tongue becomes dry, cracked and inflammed. Oral tissues become sensitive and your mouth will feel unquenchably parched.

If dry mouth is left untreated, you can eventually experience tooth decay and other unpleasant periodontal disease, resulting in significant time and expense.

What About More Serious Health Problems?

Dental professionals have made unsettling discoveries linking damage to oral tissues, caused by free radicals, to systemic health problems in the long-term.

To put it simply…

Oral tissues require a consistent, healthy level of antioxidants in saliva to prevent major health risks that affect the entire body.

Learn more about “The Oral-Systemic Link”…

OK…How does that relate to dry mouth?

Dry mouth (Xerostomia) is exacerbated (and partially caused) by a lack of salivary antioxidants.

So it’s a Catch-22?

In a sense..yes. You can’t overcome dry mouth by simply drinking water.

Your body must maintain healthy, chemically-balanced saliva to prevent dry mouth and the many illnesses that can result from long-term exposure to free radicals in the environment.